Independence Day! Really?!!

And as the Nation awaits its 65th Independence day Parade there is this someone far away in village ‘X’ who is sleeping like all ordinary days after spending a hectic day covering distance for his pension that government owes him.
There is this someone waiting for sun to set out as he has to get his graduate and innocent son out of police lockup.
There is this someone who passed exams with flying colors and knows how his dad is going to spend some money for his admission to college.
There is this someone who is still waiting in the streets of Delhi for justice from the Tricolor flagged Nation.
There is someone who is sleeping with his 2yr old son and holds him tight because he is not certain about his comeback from work later in day when sun sets out.
There are people who are holding on to search lights and guns on the worst possible geography of India.
There is someone who has sore throat because he spent his whole day crying for coins and cleaning cars at the red lights.
There is someone searching dustbins of the city to find something to eat.
Let the sun rise, let the colors of freedom reach out to the chosen few, this is what happens right?
Stage is set, preparations are done, tanks to be exhibited are ready, drills have been done, schools have been preparing since last one month for that one song and a dance that makes Nation happy. And as you will travel towards the parade grounds in morning, do care to see the reality on roads, care to buy a newspaper from that half clad dirty dhoti boy and check out the crime section, fine you may ignore it and as your cell phone will ring to alert you about the last date of paying your tax, do not try to be smart a**.

You may not get the VIP row seat, you may not even be able to see the prime minister or the president or you may just witness it all from doordarshan and feel pride. Since it is a National Holiday you may either set out for a picnic, or post your opinions and force them on the likeminded lot, but in all this you are missing something, don’t you think?

Where is the Independence part of this day?? Get me wrong and you enter into history telling me why it is called so and why we need to celebrate it with some more energy. Look celebrating a thing is not necessarily ‘Living a thing’, the question is, ‘Are we independent or just the regimes have changed?’
Ponder upon, scratch your head and 9 out of ten come up with, “Corrupt System”, “Bullshit, paralyzed system”, “Who Cares”, “Remove the ministers”, “Shuffle the cabinet”, ” Do what that saffron baba says” and the likes. The truth is that if you happen to be one of these guys, you are not an Indian, you may ve born in india and so are the other millions, you are not an indian because you don’t care, you don’t know the meaning of independence, you never tried moving out of your house, you are like someone who got married and stayed at his wife’s place forever. Your relation to this nation is that of in laws not the first blood.
I’m not attending any parade ceremony, neither am i going to wave a flag on my house or my profile. I may have appeared to be a cold heartless and senseless chap but the truth is that you have to THINK AND ACT. Now when I say this, I do not want you to fund a charity mission, give ten ruppees to every beggar, or stage an anti government demonstration, all I want you to do is to be your own government first.

By saying this, all you have to do is to think and be the best possible citizen, one who is capable of inspiring 2more and exponentially so. Light a candle and you can light million others with it, isn’t it?

Happy Independence Day!!

2 thoughts on “Independence Day! Really?!!

  1. Well i do hope more & more people read & get inspired by this.

    i do agree that Nothing’s gonna change by sitting home, watching & listening to the Bullshit Independence day speech from a Puppet PM, who speaks like a Kindergartner. Independence Day never means a holiday or a dance function.

    We all need to learn the True meaning & the spirit of Independence, & only by that we shall realize what it means to be an Indian, an independent citizen.

    On Independence day, I salute the martyrs like Bhagat Singh & forgotten heroes like Subash Chandra Bose, who over the past decade have been overshadowed by the hypocrisy of the Nehru-Gandhi regime, & pledge to be a True Indian.

    Happy Independence Day to you too.

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