How I met ‘God’!!

Moscow, Russia.
May 9,2010
It was a fine morning and I was walking down the subway to catch a train to Moskovsky, it’s neighbor city at a distance of about 5 minutes if you prefer to go by train. I was in one of the worst possible moods that a guy can ever be in. Earlier in morning I had found that my refrigerator was out-of-order and everything eatable in it was no more so, it is a sad start to a day for someone living without his wife and away from his home country, oh for those who don’t know, I belong to the nation of good and healthy breakfasts and lots of holidays (India).
Nevertheless I walked inside tube and the doors closed with a characteristic tune, I maintained stiff upper lip and refused to smile back at lady who was excited for no reason, I just can’t imagine people smiling at you only on days when you do not want to smile, it is magnanimously unfair.
The doors opened with a characteristic sound along with an announcement in ‘Russian’ followed by ‘English’ and I stepped out, I always loved the voice in ‘English’ announcements, it reminded me of someone who left me to get married to a rich arab when I moved here.
I reached the highway and took taxi to Suite 654, Saints lane, yes that is where my only friend in this alien nation lived. About my friend, she is a Chennai girl who is money crazy and left her parents to work for this company, I liked her, not the way like I would marry her but she was good.
How would you react if you get an invite from a friend for lunch and find her absent at her apartment, *Bad Host*.
She had left the keys and a note saying, “I will be back in a jiffy ”, believe me I have always had problems with this word ‘jiffy’, ‘jiffy’ is different for different people isn’t it? My ‘jiffy’ is three days and 5hrs. I entered and found that her apartment was the cleanest place I had ever seen for an apartment.
Instead of learning something from the interior decoration skills and habits, I tried to ignore the decorum as far as possible, it’s always better for guys to keep their apartments as they are, don’t you guys know anything about entropy, that maximum disorder thing, and that maximum disorder is stability.
For someone who travels this far on an empty stomach, the first and the best place in a house is always the kitchen. I was more disappointed to find out that her ‘Lunch’ party meant ‘Ordering’ soup and bread from hotel, cursing myself for being at her place I walked into take a little nap on extraordinarily clean sofa.
I was just five minutes into this weird nap that I heard footsteps and as I opened my eyes to shout at my friend ‘Irvine kaur’, I found a tall white figure standing in front of my eyes. It was very much like what happens in ‘Bruce almighty’ or the degraded Indian version of the movie, I tried to stand up to ask a thing but I just couldn’t move and talk. I thought it was Irvene who wanted to do some bad to me and had called this magician or whoever he was.
“I am God”, the tall figure said in Dolby digital surround sound.
Whoa I imagined, for someone who hardly prays and thinks no good, meeting God was indeed an accomplishment of life. “and I have come here to see you” he continued.
‘see me’ I just couldn’t talk, not that I had started believing in tall fellow but I just couldn’t, he had firewalled my voicebox somehow.
“You were a believer? Weren’t you?”
“YES”, and I could just utter ‘yes’, I so wanted to explain why I was no more a believer but again the firewall thing.
“Everything you do has a reason and consequences, your consequences are so bad that they cannot equal your reasons for your actions”.
“My actions”, I responded.
“Take some time off your life and visit your past, visit all the lies, visit all the things you broke, see all the people who were good to you, who were bad to you, who were nothing to you”
And before I could say anything the tall figure just vanished and so did the echoing voice.
I shook my head and got up to prepare coffee, It was this feeling of heaviness that I just wanted to let go.
*Characteristic Nokia Tune* and I picked up to say “Hello”
“Are you alright? Thank God! I was so worried, *cry,sobs* I love you”.
It was Irvene and before I could ask ‘why’ she hung up.
In five minutes, Tv Moscow showed a very bad scene near my apartment, some suicide bomber had got in and blown up the whole building down to earth. I just sunk deep into the sofa and thanked God!!

Everything happens for a reason, let nothing shake your belief in God. If you have stopped trusting Him, remember He still loves you like He did when you were a good boy/girl and its time you begged for a sorry.

4 thoughts on “How I met ‘God’!!

  1. So which god did you meet? Was it the God Abraham, Isaac and Jacob of Israel. Did you meet the trinitarian Godhead of Christians? Did you meet Allah? Or some other god?

    If this isn’t a fictional piece how has it affected you since and have you met God again?

    By the way, in the second paragraph you said you maintained a grin, which means smile. I’m sure you meant some other word. Forgive me for editing, if you will.

    Keep on writing!

  2. This piece is a fictional one, however i have had an incident which inspired me to write it and i do not clearly know which God it was. I saw a tall bearded figure and i can relate it to this image, i hope you can identify it for me. After experiencing an incident like this, i became very disconnected from world and sought peace, i tried not missing any prayers and rituals. I have learnt that everything happens for our good and do not regret on things now.
    Thank you for editing, i have corrected that.

    Link for the image.,r:2,s:0

  3. When you say you tried to not miss any prayers or rituals, who were you praying to?

    I can pretty clearly say that the person represented in that picture is God the father, even though God commanded us not to represent Him with anything that we’ve seen (Exodus 20:4). God is spirit and when worshiping Him, we shouldn’t think of him as anything on the earth below or from heaven above.

    1. True that!
      God is formless and relating him to some form is a sin in accordance with the religion i follow.
      Whenever i prayed, i prayed to almighty, not any idol or picture.

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