Where the hell is sandman?!

Where the hell is the ‘Sandman’?!Where the hell is ‘Sandman’!?All that I read and heard about ‘Sandman’ was crap and nonsense?! Was it? Oh No, how is it that I see so many people sleeping and snorting till 9am in morning then? Sandman must be coming after 3am so let me hang on till then and then starts a phase, I am presenting it in detail here.Oh, so what do I do now, Ok let me just stare at that fan above, No I did that last night, ok let me think of something depressing 5 minutes into it its not what I should be doing I find it funny thinking how my girl will ditch me for that insurance guy.Looks at watchAlright so I am half way into it, I have turned my sides so many times that every muscle is begging me to be still.Looks at cellphoneThis crap thing never rings when i need it the most, Why is it that even after activating ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ service, I still find ‘Buy this and get this’ messages on top in my cell phone’s inbox. Nevertheless I spent five minutes deleting them and thinking how can I screw these guys for very poor marketing strategies. :DGets Up For WaterFine then, 2am and I enter the kitchen to moisten my throat, I find it really lazy to switch on the lights because I am well familiar with the geography and the way things are positioned and in spite of this I stumble against the dustbin I thought never existed.2:11AMI am down on floor rubbing my knee in dark with trash scattered all around me.Comes to sensesI switch on the lights and start preparing coffee.2:33AMAnd I am on terrace with a cup of coffee in my hands and looking at streets down. All I can hear is the sound of Air cooling systems and an occasional bark. Do not give me the Night’s silence Crap, there is never a a perfectly silent night in a city2:54amBack in my room, switching on lights may scare the hell out of Sandman so I sit silently on my couch and tap my hand on the table. DAAAASH Flower Vase falls down and I the first thing I think is “Oh it was the only thing she gave me”! Can you imagine how broken it feels? No you can’t, because you have never felt it. I don’t switch on the lights because I don’t want to scare the SANDMAN. Where is the Fing Sandman??!3:17amPutting my steps lightly and almost walking on toes I reach my bed, Holy Crap, feels like having won a gold at olympics. Looks at watch There is nothing Like Sandman, everyone has been lying to me.Switches on LaptopWrites his plight!!Never Say ‘Good Night’ again!!There is no Sandman!! :

via Life Engineered!!.

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