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A note of apology

Posted: August 3, 2013 in Sorry

As much as i know how to say “sorry”, i am not able to say it, and trust me it has nothing to do with ‘ego’, as much as i want to hug, i am not able to and it has nothing to do with my ego again. I have had a gloomy saturday this one starting up early in morning at 6am. I have come to know that i have lost the patience, the glorious virtue of patience and this at times can hurt loved one’s.

If anyone has irritation and is annoyed, one hundred percent i have let them down, if someone is having a bad day one hundred percent i have let them down and here i take this opportunity to say sorry, i am genuinely sorry for the irrational behavior which i fail to explain.

If you love someone, you have to respect every single thing in their head and off late, since few hours i have failed to do that, and it kills me to know that god planned a good day for someone and i turned it to an irritated and annoyed one with power of love. I pray to lord to grant me serenity and peace and let their hearts forgive me for my behavior.

PS; I love you