Annoying passengers you meet during your flights in India

Be it Delhi-Mumbai or any other flight in our domestic circuit, i’m sure you all must have encountered funny and weird situations and people.

I’m listing few annoying things that people do in our domestic airline circuit and trust me, some of them are highly annoying.
1)Taking off your shoes.
We don’t need to smell your dirty socks, please keep your shoes on!


2)Just letting everyone know that you’re coming by air not train!


The loud people make sure they make that one final call and everyone listens to it, whether they want it or not!

3)The railway luggage people

Travel Briefcast
They have 2-3 bags checked in (paid for extra weight) and equally big bags as cabin baggage too! What are you carrying in these bags?

Remember that fat uncle who goes to washroom making your life difficult? It so happened with me that we were stuck badly and i had to move out to make way for that fat quarry.


Thou shalt not listen to safety instructions!
I’ve seen flight attendants trying to shut up people for those five minutes when they brief everyone about safety instructions.


The yoga girl, the praying guy! Well, people do that too covering the little space available there!


We have just taken off and “hey, i need water”. I will never understand why everyone needs everything at the same time.

8)Clicking pictures of flight attendants.


I don’t know why, but you see, they just do it!


A crying baby on your early morning flight and you may need a disprin.




How about seats? You have minimal boot space and add to it if someone reclines theirs on to your lap!

4 thoughts on “Annoying passengers you meet during your flights in India

  1. Well, that’s nothing you’ll only see on domestic flights in India, it also happens in other parts of the world. Anway, it is really annoying…

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