I deserve acid attack every time I..

acid attack on  MBA student

My name is Ayesha, Riya, Gurpreet or leave it, it doesn’t matter what my name is or which part of this great country of ours i belong to, I AM A GIRL! I’m helpless creature, a baby bearing machine and an object of sex. This definition fits every action that man does or has ever done to me and my likes.
I am a slave;i’m born as a slave and i die as slave. Dear men, please do not feel bad for any action of your’s, you’re just repeating what they have been doing all along the ages and i don’t blame you for having the cemented and concrete shallow mindset about me. Why call it an attack? I was just taught a lesson using acid as a medium, so lets settle it to be perfectly alright.
Actually i deserve acid to be spilled on my face every time i step out of my house and forget to cover my head with hijab or duppata. I blame my father and brother for not beating the hell out of me at first place for stepping out like that. How could i ever step out like that?

Dear fellow men in school and college, i suggest you to ask get a little bottle of acid packed along with lunch and teach me a lesson if i wear a short skirt to school or wear jeans to college. It is your responsibility to teach me a lesson today, you’re the guardian of morals and culture so please do not let me stray away.

I deserve acid attack every time i refuse advances from men in buses and shopping malls. How can i ever think of refusing people of God?

I deserve acid attack every time i refuse to marry you just because i do not love you. I deserve a stronger acid this time. How can i refuse this? I am sorry because i tend to forget that love is not meant for me, i don’t get to choose for myself.

And you know, i love the taste of acid so much that i deserve it even if i do not stray away from your created norms and morals. I feel so bad that government made laws scrapping acid sale and now my dear men have to struggle so hard to get it for us.

Dear men, i am sorry!

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