Seven facts you didn’t know about Adolf Hitler!


What comes to your mind when i say ‘Hitler’? Holocaust,Tyranny and dictatorship. It takes us back to the scenes of the world war2. A lot has been researched about this man and there are very surprising facts about him. Here are seven things you didn’t know about Adolf Hitler.


Hitler discovered Swastika sign in a church during his childhood. Swastika is a hindu sign used for love and peace, Hitler came across this sign in the church where he used to spend 5-6hrs as a child. He later used the sign as a symbol for his Nazi Party.

2)Adolf Hitler, Kinderbild

Hitler feared his ancestors to be jewish. His father was born in Austria and the first thing he did after conquering Austria was to use his father’s hometown as practice ground for tanks. He didn’t want any sign of his jewsih ancestry.


Hitler was a high school drop-out. He was told in school that he is lousy and lazy. Hitler became so averse to school that he tore off his mark sheet and used it as toilet paper. The stained mark sheet reached his teacher who expelled him from the school.


Hitler was a momma’s boy. He loved his mother more than anything, intact she was the only woman who was close to him. When she died because of cancer, Hitler was devastated with her death. The doctor who was a jew had used iodoform for her treatment which had failed. Hitler later used iodoform to kill jews in concentration camps.


This was the painting that Hitler had made. He loved painting and can you believe he was denied admission to the art school because he could not draw human beings.
Hitler later wrote in his book that Jews should have let him become an artist instead, it would have saved a lot of them.


Would you believe if i told you that Hitler had lot of jewish friends during his childhood? Hitler lived with jews in shelter for homeless and he recalls in his book that a jew had given him a coat to protect himself against the biting cold of Vienna.


Hitler feared sex and women. Would you believe that Hitler had strong aversion for women and he disliked sex. He later wrote in his book that he channeled all his sexual energy into his speeches to seduce audience.

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One thought on “Seven facts you didn’t know about Adolf Hitler!

  1. Thank you for sharing i knew most of this since i read and watch a good bit of world war 2 stuff but thanks for uploading for what i did not know 🙂

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