What pushes you?

When was in School and college, I used to keep a track of everyone who was in my competition. I remember and if I could find that diary somewhere, I had two columns; for competition in my own class and competition over all. I used to evaluate and if I scored less in some test, I’d work on that data on how to stay in top three or top five.

I think life is all about data and it wants you to be aware all the time, about your competition. I don’t maintain that list or data now but I’m sure of one thing that in my defence and security, I have a sickening work ethic. I mean it’s my only gear, I was not handed out bags full of money by anyone. Working hard is my only gear, I’m not super talented. Like I suck at 90% of the things. Ask anyone who ever asked me to dance or for that matter take good pictures.They know it all.

Simply put; if you and I were to get on a treadmill, there are only two possibilities; either you get off first or I die on the treadmill.

So I’ve come down to ask you this very important and life changing question. What pushes you to get out of bed every single day?

Is it the bills that you have to pay? Of course that’s important and primary. Is it the parenting of your children? Is it the company that you think is going to do well and give you life that you dream of? Whatever it is; make it work. Please.

Just make it a reason to wake up every morning and do just a little bit towards it. Just a little bit that takes you closer to this goal.

Be competitive, I know it’s something we cannot put in people and now the narrative being “one should be content and all”. That’s bullshit. Contentment means clear death. It’s death of you. It’s telling everybody else to just walk over you. Please don’t be content. Be hungry for an extra hour at work, for an extra dollar to your name, for an extra meeting.

Do you know what I aspire to do? I aspire to meet all the business people around. That’s my goal.

Look if you are talking about contentment and Buddha stuff; let me take some trash out of you right away. You have to contribute to the society, you’ve to give back in some form and there is no fuckin way that you can give back if you are never complete and full.

Take that!

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