Let’s get real..

Let’s get real for this one moment..

I’m really worried about people who are more worried about the milk that Barista uses for their coffee than they are about their entire lives. It’s not a rant for the kids who have entire bags of money left for them by their parents; you guys can go smoke weed in your entire 20s, 30s and then be miserable in your 40s, 50s and then die. Yes that true. Money won’t save you. It hasn’t saved anyone. Money hasn’t saved Alexander the Great, neither it saved any of the prophets. So get few things straight up. If you are doing that life style of getting $6 from your mom and having Starbucks, be kind to your mom. Take up some home improvement service and do good at your home. Stop bullshitting and spooking your friends who may go do something in their lives.

Like really? I was in this Starbucks and I see this girl in her early 17s, arguing with the barista for the almond fucking milk that he overused or whatever! Like dude! Really?

You know how deeply I pray for a market and economy crash? Like I want it to crash and it’s not that I’m a bad guy and I want people to go out of jobs. But you know this will sort out lot of things. These people who are spending an extra $6 on Starbucks will try to save it. I like the things going ground up and that’s my narrative. It’s more or less like Jokers narrative in Batman or that of Thanos in Avengers. These guys do have a point. We do need economic cleansing at some stage and I am eager to see that.

I’m not worried because I know the market and market place always has space for hustle and hardwork. How would you deny me my $2 when I’m all about giving you everything I have? You won’t. My narrative is about giving it all for free.

I hope this little Starbucks kid enjoys her coffee and goes home and realises that there are things bigger than the almond milk to be worried. Like someone really just got bankrupt and someone died and all you’re worried about is almond milk!


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