I don’t want you to over-work..

Long story short; I’ve been criticised a lot for pushing the narrative of hustle and hard work beyond limit. And I’m taking this time to address the issue and real meaning of what I want to say.

a) I don’t care what you think of me. Like really, I don’t give a fuck.

b) The most important thing that people miss out when I say that hustle is forever is that it’s not for everyone. It’s only for those who are complaining.

Look if you got a job, and you’re doing 09-05 and spending time with your family, and going on that vacation, I’m happy for you. I don’t want you to work 24hrs a day. You can do whatever you want for the remaining 16hrs because you’re happy.

But if you’re complaining about economy, about how you’re not able to save money, on how you want to buy expensive shit but you can’t, on how you want that celebrity wedding and you’re not putting in the work, then that’s for you. You cannot simply gossip about celeb wedding and go play video games or watch Netflix whole of your Sunday.

Like it’s pretty simple, either don’t complain and go do Netflix all day everyday or put in the work and stop complaining. And yes the reason I push the hard work and hustle narrative, because you simply cannot do anything by putting in 2hrs or work.

Do you know how much you have to work? If I simply talk about the outer context of work, like which is just content, you’d die. You’d die just creating tonnes of content, not to mention the hardwork behind the actual work. Work is never gonna show up if you’re not putting in the hustle and effort.

So next time you complain that he is so full of shit and all that; I want you to go look in mirror and ask yourself “what do I want?” And then go figure it out.

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