Patience is the key!

You know what is the only thing that makes me cry and breaks my heart? Yeah, when I see the kids going all chips in and then giving up after just two months of putting in the work. Wait, didn’t you say it was your dream? And you’re giving up just after two months?
What did you expect? You thought you’d be Zuck or Musk in two months? Well, you’d never be, even if you work your ass off for another 12,24,36 months, you won’t. Let’s get it simple, why is everything about being a millionaire?
I maintain it really clear and classy that if you’re looking to be a millionaire, then don’t do this, it will break your heart like anything and you’d find it hard to recover. Stay in your job, get to the higher levels of the management, and you could really be a millionaire, and you also get to spend that vacation in Bahamas with your family.
Please, and it’s my underlying motto for this write up today, please stop blaming the system. You’re not doing enough. There will never be a better time to be alive. I know there are few crap things here and there like the govt and cow vigilante but all that doesn’t predicate your hustle.
Second thing which I want you to just imbibe and follow as a religion is patience. Patience is so much undervalued in this ecosystem that everyone comes up and starts a thing and then you meet them few months later and they are running late to their 09–05 job. I’m like, pissed at that.
Please know that I’m not against you doing 09–05 thing. What I’m trying to put in your head right now is that you need to be patient and consistent with the work that you’re putting in. And you got to taste clouds as well as dirt.

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