How laziness is killing your dreams

If you’ve ever planned those new year resolutions that make you feel good, you’re on the right blog but unfortunately I’m not going to be sympathetic to you, no not anymore.

Every single fuckin time you press the snooze button and dig deep in your bed, you kill a dream, How do I know it? Because I’ve killed many. You’ve no idea the number of dreams I killed by being lazy as fuck. And it’s time I get this message out so that you don’t do what I did.

Laziness dear friends is not your friend, it might appear to you in a very friendly and well wishing way but once you let it take control, there is nothing that you can control in your life. Nothing. Zero!

Laziness is not because you are in a cold season, you’re in economic meltdown, you don’t have any idea what to do, the core reason of laziness lies in self awareness and I’m firm believer of the fact that if there is anything that can change the world bottom up, it is self awareness.

Once you’re completely self aware, laziness will never win over you. A self aware person knows what is to be done is to be done and there is no procrastination to it. Self awareness is the only drug that I wish all of you who are lazy tasted.

Laziness is a disease that cripples your mind first and then your body, I’ve always maintained that we humans are wired to be lazy, and there is just 05sec window to take any action. I’ve also shared my experiences which is a different blog.

Laziness is a habit and getting away from it can be done by taking and cultivating counter habits, start waking up early for a change. Lot of things start to fall in place if you are an early riser. It is true.

You can achieve nothing and I mean zero if you’re still good friends with your laziness, you need to kill this one to get on to that year plan that you have.

I wish you all a happy killing of this lazy self!

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