Why this is the best time to be alive?

I’ve always said this and I continue to maintain that narrative that this is the best time to be alive. And when I say it’s best time to be alive, I don’t want you to go out and party just because it is best time to be alive. My point and context revolves around business and how you can go make an extra 05,10,15,20$. This era is about following your dreams and getting things done.

Do you know how underpriced attention is today? It is massively underpriced. I mean you can just go do some facebook, Instagram ads and you have attention of so many people. No one ever gave you a platform to be seen by whole world and I’m worried we are not doing enough.

Lot of us are just worried about the content being posted on social platforms. Like are you really worried about what pose you should be posting the picture in? And you spend 20minutes just to figure that out? Are you worried that you posting an item for selling on facebook would make you look fool?

Yes it will make you look fool but in the eyes of dumbasses. You’ve two choices, live your life hiding the talent and content you have just because your friend joe_32bigmuscles is your friend and looks cooler than you, or just go out there and showcase your product, your idea to millions of people on the network.

Trust me when I say the attention is heavily underpriced today and why you should make most of it, do you know amazon used google ad words heavily because it was underpriced and gained so much traction and attention, and look at it now. Look at ad words, you need to afford them now. This is what is going to happen to facebook and Instagram ads.

Closing it down! Go do your thing!

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