Why complaining and crying doesn’t solve anything?

If you are complaining about anything in your life, this might well be for you. At the outset of it, let me just tell you that complaining and crying has never solved anything for anyone.

It breaks my heart to see so many people blaming the economy and the ecosystem for their failure. I know someone who blames Trump for his laziness and not starting the venture he so badly wanted to start. I mean are you for real? Like where did you come from?

People are afraid of accountability and responsibility and that is the very reason they spend their lives doing jobs where they are not held accountable for anything major. They are into comfortable relationships which don’t challenge them, they are into herd mentality because they don’t want to face the wind outside of the herd. I get it, I know what they feel and it’s so suffocating to me.

The reason I can completely pen down this stuff and still not be scared of your judgment is because Ive context. I’ve age where I’ve known what it feels to be like lazy as fuck, what it means to burn out your parents money. I know what failed relationships look like and the reasons for that. I know what it means when you owe money to people and you don’t meet deadlines. I know it all. So next time you go on to judge me, please know that I’m self aware. I don’t do horse shit to please people and I’m fully aware where I’m going to be in another 12,24,36 months.

Do you know that if I get even a single one of you to get out of your bed and do your shit, I’d be proud of myself. I know it’s hard, it’s hard to beat the programming of your mother and father, your sister and boyfriend/girlfriend, these people have programmed you from years to be comfortable, I know my chances to challenge that are bleak but I don’t give a fuck. I continue to put out the content and I know i work harder than anyone of you so even if you wish to beat me, you can’t. Remember you’ve new year and Christmas parties coming up, I’ve none! 🤞

Coming to the whole point of why crying and complaining doesn’t do shit. Imagine going to car dealerships and telling them mate I like this car and I want to buy it but I don’t have money, I come from poverty, what do you think is going to happen even if you run the saddest poverty story there? You will be kicked out of there. Imagine going to that one girl in the bar and telling her that you like her but you don’t have that six pack because you can’t afford gym membership. Would she go out with you? This is not a movie. She won’t. You need to put in the effort. Complaining and crying doesn’t do shit.

Change that! Be accountable! That’s how businesses are run!

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