Shit happens when you ask

I’m leaving you with a gift before you head on to the holidays and end another good year of accomplishments and personal journeys.

The gift is called ‘Ask’. It’s the most underrated and feared thing in our ecosystem and our society, particularly Indian and Asian society. Ask is the key to everything that is unlocked for you till now.

If you’re in business, a small business, you know why you’re not scaling it up? Because business Development works on asking. You’ve got to ask 10,20,30,40 other local small businesses to work and collab with you. I don’t know how many people you reach out to on a daily basis to collab. I don’t know how many people out there are just waiting to be asked. I’ve observed that fear of being judged , failure and rejection keeps you shy from asking. I mean you want this business to be your life and still you value your ego more and you’re not even willing to take a no as an answer even in an email from a random other small business. How many of you actually write emails on daily basis? No I’m not taking about those 09-05 mandatory emails keeping your boss in CC. You’re an artist, flower shop owner, a freelancer, you have talent, how many emails do you write to small business to work out away where you can offer value and get visibility as well. None! Start doing that in 2019. Please.

You know how many people end up marrying the one they don’t give a fuck about? 85%. And you know the reason? Yeah! They were scared to ask that one girl/boy who they actually gave a fuck about. Stay shit scared and comfortable now and live a miserable life for rest of your time on planet or get out there, take action and do shit.

Shit happens when you ask.

Also dropping podcast on sameShit happens when you ask Podcast .

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