Why Netflix and chill is not a good idea if you’re in your 20s and 30s

Netflix and chill is great idea-Never. The reason I’m stressing on 20s and 30s, because that’s the power age group that you’re ever going to be and most of the marketplace is run by people in that age group.

Imagine being told that you have to be in your bed, you’ve to forget that you’ve ten other things to do and all you’ve to do is get unlimited entertainment at a cheap price. What are you going to do? You will go for it. It’s not you, anyone would go for it. Human mind is wired in a way that it looks for a state of ease and anything that makes it forget the hardships and things we don’t like. Now listen close when I say this. Things you don’t like may be your job, your relationship, your friends or your image. And in order to escape these you find a temporary refuge in Netflix binge.

It’s not just Netflix, Tv has been doing that for ages and alcohol, drugs, what do you think is the market need of those things? Escape from reality.

I’ve heard someone say that give a man some cheap entertainment and watch him rot. You don’t have to do anything, just give him cheap entertainment and he will get to it every time. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a Netflix subscription. The tea guy near my work place has one. He would not give a fuck about what I say or write or tell you. And so would you, I know you wouldn’t even read it full because it goes against the herd mentality and it makes you change what’s the norm.

It’s addictive, you cannot just decide and give up on Netflix or any other indulgence.

What do you think you is happening when an influencer or a celeb is posting about Netflix? Are they doing it like you are? Shut up! They are getting paid for that one post and to create a safe haven for you to know that it’s okay to binge on Netflix when it so clearly is not.

The rule of the thumb is simple, Never indulge in something that is taking more than 2hrs of your time and also not going off your mind for another 2hrs. If it’s staying on your mind and if it is taking time to get off while you’re not watching it and you also discuss it with your friends, then give it up. Just know that the first signs of addiction and indulgence are ‘looking forward to it’, and I’m sure Netflix does a good job of making you look forward to lot of shows and all.

I’ve nothing against you, you could watch it all day and night. I don’t give a fuck. If you’re happy and you’re doing it at your very own expense and not at the expense of your parents, I’m super happy for you, no complaints nothing.

But if you’re someone who is talking about how you wanted that car and that celeb wedding for you, but things are bad and money is only in few hands and you’re putting blames on market and people then I’ve this piece for you, Shut the fuck up and work.

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