Why no successful person ever tells you this.

You can go read tones of shit about people who made it to the top but you don’t get to see the journey, you never get to see what it was like, what the process was, what they did on all days.

For an example, we all know that Bill Gates came up with Microsoft in basement and so did Steve Jobs, but what about after that? All we know is that they just came up with Microsoft and Apple and next thing we know is that they are famous. And they are achievers

We as humans believe in the story part and stories are more compelling to push a human brain to do anything than those motivational quotes. I’m huge fan of Gary Vee. I mean the guy documents his journey and what he does and it’s there for you to see, it’s there for you to see that when he makes an announcement and then goes on to work on that. Do you know how much that inspires people. I am creating content on a big scale, not on a massive one but a big scale and I’m aspiring to document it all. The process the journey and the summit.

Everyone who is successful never really tells you how they felt on Monday morning or how they were feeling when it was vacations and no one was showing up for the meetings. They won’t tell you that while they were having that dinner with client watching a couple on other table and wished to be back home with their families on Christmas, they won’t, they present a hard and smile less face and tell you that they worked. They keep it private for lot of reasons, like normal people they are also afraid of being judged. But someone like Garyvee or me in aspiring stages, we don’t give a fuck. Here I am eating dinner on a Saturday night with a client and I know this deal isn’t going to work, it should demotivate and make me sad but it isn’t, because it is all bout the process.

You got to love the process. The process, the journey is the thing. No one cares later on what you invented or made, or how much money you have. People really start to get inspired with the journey, and the era we are living, it is easiest to document it all. And if you’re not doing that, I’m sure you must be doing something better than that. Do let me know in comments what that is.

Happy holidays!

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