Do you have bad days?

This is something I really wanted to bring up as we head into Holidays now. Do you have the bad days? And when I say bad I need to know what qualifies bad for you. What do you call a bad day and what do you do to avoid the bad days?

I have bad days, today was a pretty bad day. If you’re calling your day a bad day because of low sales, or on basis of money then you’re in the wrong game. Money is not the thing that should determine how your day was.

I call my day a good or a bad day depending on how productive I am in the day. Am I able to do everything that I sit and chart out at 05:30am? If not then it’s not a good day.

If you’re calling your day a bad day because you had personal things going on, yeah that works, and I have 100% empathy for that. I’m not here to force the narrative to you. If you’re not feeling 100% you can go back to your family, sit across the table, take a break from work and have fun with family, that is called as healing and self care and that is needed.

I however do not like doing that in my bad days, my bad days come in number of ways, there could be a phone call that could totally ruin my vibe, there could be someone coming up with a document that tells me that I’m wrong and this is legally not allowed, there could be someone bringing up a news on personal front that could be devastating, like I call passing away or death as devastating. If there is someone close to me and that person is not well, you won’t hear from me for days, not even a beep, nothing.

This post was about what you do when you’re having a bad day? I’d really want to know and I’d like to share what I do on my bad days.

If I know that day is not going as it should be, I try to stick to it. Like 100% of the time I stick to it. It’s all about being there. I normally sit down and take a step back and look at it from a third person perspective. Writing a journal of what things are and how you perceive them is a great idea. My suggestion and whole point is that you should not dwell and complain about it. Dwelling and complaining is such a horse shit. Complaining is never going to solve anything at all.

So if you’re having a bad day, take a step back, you’re not in a rat race, the whole point of hustle is to be happy and not to be miserable and die working on the table. When I say I love hustle What I mean is that it’s the thing I enjoy and it’s about happiness. If you’re happy living your life and you’re not living it at anyone else’s expense, then there is no need to read my shit.

I do not enjoy vacations, I don’t enjoy going to museums, I don’t like to go out drinking, I’m super not interested in making someone 10x richer on new year. My bad days don’t mean that someone else benefits from it. Your bad days are your bad days, don’t let anyone else make anything out of it, economically as well as emotionally.


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