No one gives a fuck about your emotions

Do you know that everyone here on this planet is fighting a battle? A war? Some are fighting that war within and some are facing it out on the streets. Do you think America has the problems like gun control, and veteran management only? Or if you’re from India, do you think we have just the poverty problems? Grow the fuck up!

Right from that child who is crying for attention in cradle to be fed by mother to the old man without teeth wanting to eat an apple,everyone is fighting a battle. They may be small battles, micro battles or macro battles.

I remember I was sitting with this one gentleman and he had recently broken up but that was not his major concern or let’s say that was not the only concern at that moment. He was worried about his containers at the port, he was concerned about the quarterly sales. Now this guy obviously didn’t want another thing that could break his back on the day.. You see people are going through multiple things at the same time. It’s time you stop putting those tears on anyone’s shoulders. Don’t burden anyone.

Everyone has a down time, I know. I have mine too. How do I live? I’m gonna give you an example; I was expecting 35-40 people who said yay we are gonna turn up for your book launch, and then only 17 of them appeared. It should have killed me at that moment, but it didn’t. I don’t give a fuck about what life brings on, I know how to face my battles. And instead of a bigger function, we squeezed it to a personal one on one discussion and I learnt a lot from those 17 people than I’d have learnt had everyone turned up. Try and test,try and test. But don’t fucking cry. It breaks my mother’s heart to see people cry.

You could cry, but then you’re gonna lose. If you’re a grown up person and you’re crying, please know half of the battle has been lost. Crying and complaining doesn’t do shit and especially in this eco chamber it doesn’t.

I’m more inclined towards people looking to start their own shit. And this whole narrative is for them. Don’t cry! You’re not alone. You are a winner already because you’ve started.

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