You’re scared of losing

There are lot of people who are scared of losing and when I say this, I know why they are scared. People are scared. They are not doing enough, they are pondering, thinking and strategising. They are not just starting.

One of the major reasons for this mentality is people who are in your immediate circle. It could be your friends, your parents, your husband or your wife. I have deeply understood this fear among people, they fear being judged. They fear that their mothers friend would tell their mother that her son sucks. They are scared that their girl friend or boyfriend would want someone with some sort of stability. And they are right. They are one hundred percent right, they are not just the doers. And they might live their life happily as well, in fact all the people in this category that I know are happy. So why do something that puts them a) out of job b) gets them judged c) makes them work their ass off. Clearly it is not a great option for them. It is not a great option for 98% people. That’s why we only have 2% at the top.

It’s true it requires sacrifice on lot of fronts for you to start something and then follow up. Some people compare it to raising a baby, I would like to add to that, it’s more than raising a baby. If your baby cries, you can feed the baby, you have Doctors and everything to take care of shit around baby, but with the business or your venture, anything goes wrong? You are responsible. You are the single accountable person for the shit, and to most of people, it is not a sweet pill to swallow.

Do you know the anxiety that comes along with getting things started? Yes, that, 99% people look at anxiety and not the joy of the process. They are scared of being held accountable. Jobs won’t hold you accountable for shit, they will fire you the next day, the next hour if you mess up. People love not being responsible. I know all of us claim to be responsible but deep down we are not. Yes you may be a responsible person when it comes to parenting of your children and all that but then that was not even your choice. You had no option. I mean once a baby pops out, you won’t throw it away, unless you’re insane, so stop equating responsibility of parenting as being a responsible person. If you were really responsible you’d have acted on that one fucking idea that kept bothering you for three nights and then you lost it and just when you landed back from your vacation in Bahamas, there was this guy who had that running in the market. Market doesn’t care about your emotions and your fears.

Stop being afraid, and go do.

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