Why 2019 is the best time to be alive?

I spent lot of time working on ways to make 2019 a better time and trust me on that one that there has never been a better time to be alive. 2018 was fabulous, it was the greatest era in tech and social media but do you have any idea what 2019 is going to bring on? 2019 is the time for you if you’re really willing to put in the work. If there has to be a time when everything could just come true, 2019 it is. And I’m not just saying things because it’s a new year. I don’t care about what date it is, if you’re in China it’s just another day for you, for Indians, it’s not even new year. However 2019 is time when you need to step up your game.

If you’re not being social and not making use of ads on facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, you are losing out. Like I said 2019 is the time when these things are going to matter the most. Ads are a revolution and 2019 is the time when they would be underpriced before they hit a new high in 2020,2021. So if you’re a business and you’re scaling up, you better get to the ads.

2019 is the time you need to create content. I know lot of you are pissed off that your content just doesn’t stay there at the top and you’re not getting enough traction on your content, but this year is the time. Stop worrying about number of likes, create content, gain traction because there is never going to better era than this.

2019 is also the time, when giants like Snapchat hit new ways of getting businesses online and promotions. I’m not sure how many of you are really using the platform right now but it’s time you get the account and start making those videos.

Viral videos? Yeah why not? Worried about that sally_49 for that comment? Stop worrying and go create. You’ve a venture, create a video and put it online. You’re not judged, you’re not gonna win a Grammy or oscars for it so put it out there.

Markets and stocks. You know the markets have never been more stable than in this age. And it kills me to see how so many of us are not even close to understanding the meaning of a stock? What are you doing? Watching Netflix. Well, 2019 is going to give you free movies on YouTube as well so go ahead and binge but don’t complain.

2019 also brings new facebook features in facebook marketplace. There are things you can do in facebook marketplace in 2019 that we’re not possible earlier in 2018. You could go global sitting in your bedroom. Are you capable enough? Are you willing to put in the work?

If you’re willing to put in the work, 2019 is for you. Go do it.

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