Entitlement is poison

If you are sitting in your life and being cushy, you’re already in trouble. Trust me, being cushy is the new cancer. Do you know what I do every morning when I wake up? I try to put myself out of business, it’s what you should do too, because if you don’t do that, someone else will do it for you. You have to be vulnerable , all minutes of the day 24*7*365.

It breaks my mother’s heart to see so many people who are entitled, they have just entitled themselves to be rich and famous when they are not. Instagram and social media has given them an opportunity to portray what they are not and you know what happens in the long run, they run out of it. Entitlement doesn’t work in this eco system. There are tonnes of rhinoceros pretending to be unicorns in this era and it’s not easy to spot them.

I was sitting with someone from tech the other day and we came down to conversation of how social media is blamed to spoiling people and how it has created a sense of false entitlement among people. I don’t know how many of you consume that content on everyday basis where you end up discussing with your group of friends that Instagram is not worthy because there are people showing off and are falsely entitled. There are so many of you who even believe that staying away from social media helps in gaining some kind of peace, that to me is absolute bullshit. Do you know the people who are living their lives for Instagram are the people who were doing it the same way before there was Instagram, they were doing it on Facebook, and before that they were doing it on MySpace, and prior to that they did it on Orkut and guess what before the internet hit us, they did it by going out wearing rip off clothes and doing dope shit in coffee shops. What do you think was responsible for promoting cigarettes as brand and symbol of being cool in 90s? There was no Instagram back then, so this theory that entitlement has been created by social media is a fad. It’s not true, it’s created by people who are scared to be out there. People who are scared to wear their shit. Don’t be those people. No they are not cool and original, they are scared and entitled in some other way, that you will discover ages later, so I don’t like the idea of promotion that social media is poison, false entitlement is poison and it will kill you sooner than you will know it.

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