Regret is poison.

Have you ever spent a day at an old age home? Like I totally recommend you to go spend one entire day at an old age home. And it has nothing to do with the charity you do or the philanthropy you are up to. It’s all about self awareness. This unlike anything else, which includes self help books and podcasts will jolt your soul (if there is any) and should wake you up.

The only thing that you will find out with these 90year old men and women is the regret. Regret of not having asked that one girl out while they were in college, regret of being married to someone they never gave a fuck about. Regret of working 09am to 05pm for fifty years of their life and never getting to the top ladder of the company. Regret of never travelling the world and ending up being 70 in the same bedroom where they were born. Regret of not eating that food until they had no teeth to eat that food and were full of diabetes to do it anyway. Regret of not starting that business in their 30s, only to find out that it’s the most used thing today. Regret of being left in old age home, all by themselves because they were rude and antisocial fucks all their life.

Whenever I feel I’m slacking off and not being upto the mark and my actions don’t map to my words, I look back at the words of these gentlemen. Regret is a poison, it’s something that will kill you reminding of what ifs and should haves.

My only prayer and wish for you is to work on your should haves, work on your would haves, work on your ‘gonna’, because no one is going to do that for you. No one.

Another major thing and take away is ‘Complaining’. No one gives a fuck about your complaining. The only people who care are those who have no option but to listen to you, these could be your parents and your spouse. The other people who care are other losers around you, I always say it and I am super thankful to Garyvee for making me steer my life to the point where I understand that ‘Misery loves company’ and no one in actual dimension gives a real fuck about your problems.

I aspire to push you to be better version of yourself in 2019, I don’t want to inspire you with words. I just want you to show that if someone like me who looks like you, doesn’t come with shit loads of money and golden spoon can make it, you too can. And the reason I want you to do it is because I love all tall buildings in the city and I want yours to be tall as well, unless it’s coming at my expense.

So let’s do it. Let’s start by just waking the fuck up before sun kicks us out of bed. Let me know in comments what you think of my mission for 2019.

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