Here is what I learnt from Chinese

I have always said and maintained that your hustle is not predicated by your ZIP code or your PIN code. Extending that narrative, I have pleasure of working up close and personal with Chinese business owners in furniture space. And there is tonnes to learn from these people.

1) Disrupt the Market.

Chinese have always played and gotten into businesses with the idea of disrupting the market. The ideology is to bring in the product that every one can buy. No wonder they are the people used by Reliance telecom to disrupt the monopoly of telecom giants.

2) Give Give Give Give Give and then take

You always have to give before you ask for anything. The Chinese tactic and what I call as strategy for business is to give give and then take. It aims at providing value to people for free and then charging them for it once they cannot do without it. That the right thing to do.

3) There is no thing called as monopoly

The whole point of Business is to avoid monopoly and not letting just one person reap the benefits for years. No wonder how China kicked Über out along with other monopolies of business in China.

4) There is no alternative to hard work.

You have to work until you make it. Chinese bring hustle to whole new dimension. It is mandatory if you are a business man that you follow the work ethics which include waking before the sun rises.

5) Explore Explore, reverse engineer and re create

This one is the best and provides many opportunities to people in business space. Chinese believe in breaking it up in infinite parts so that even a child understands the dynamics of it. The child can create it again and they are good at putting it out.

6) Branding and content

Chinese believe in content more than anyone else. I mean apart from bigger businesses, no one really focuses on content. Every business in China focuses on content and branding. No one will ever know if you exist if there is no branding and content.

7) Not giving a fuck

Chinese do not give a fuck about what other businesses think of them. What people in other countries think of them. That’s real thick skin.

I leave you with these, choose your pick and go do it.

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