Is sleep important?

If you’re looking for ROI of life, it’s nothing but happiness. You can be miserable even if you make million dollars a year, you could still be miserable as fuck on a luxury cruise to I don’t know where, the whole reason is happiness. People are over indexing the purpose of starting up. They are doing everything that it takes, they are starting up, and they are hustling their face off but then they do it for the currency. I stress so much on legacy > Currency narrative that it has become a part of my life.

So many of you complain about lack of sleep and when I go to your profile, I see “Netflix Binge for 24hrs”. You are not allowed to complain for lack of sleep if you do that. There are people who complain about lack of sleep because they don’t have their time predicated on what they love. They are watching four hours of YouTube or hanging out with people they give no fuck about. You could have slept in that time and not complained. My narrative on sleep is really simple.

Sleep is important and I sleep 4,6,8hrs depending on the day, I just don’t do BS in my day that makes me feel that I’m missing out on sleep. Like if you meet me between 8am to 8pm you’d know, I literally go between meetings without wasting time. I don’t like wasting time and most of people come off strong on that to me saying “I’m full of BS”, but guess what I can only say it because I’ve context of what wasting time means and you can only time me now.

So work your face off and be a goat but also remember to sleep because sleep is important and happiness is the actual ROI.

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