Are you using Facebook Marketplace?

So you had this glorious idea of selling some product that you created or someone you know created and you were quite confident about its sales. You spent all your savings creating that one application and website and then you realised that oh well, it’s dry, it needs to be fed by ads. And then you borrowed some money from people who still had confidence in your ability to sell that one product. You create that one ad campaign, nothing happens. No one buys it. What do you do? Did you do something wrong? If yes what?

You were a pure stupid because you did not use the most underpriced attention provided to you for free by worlds biggest social network. Yeah, and you didn’t do that because of the following.

1) You were too scared of being judged by your crush who’s also on facebook

2) You were scared to put it out in front of people

3) Worst of all, you were ignorant as fuck and didn’t know facebook marketplace is bigger than any of the e commerce store to ever exist.

If I tell you that I’m going to pick you up and place you in the shopping district of a big city like NY or Delhi, and then I give you this opportunity to sell anything there without any rental to be paid and any licences to taken, would you do that?

Facebook marketplace is that Shopping district. So before you go spend tonnes on your product, test it out on FB marketplace. If it fails there, introspection is needed. Go do it.

Don’t be ignorant, you’re living in the best era to be alive.

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