Why mental health is important?

If your head and heart are not in sync, there is no way that you can accomplish even the simplest of the tasks. I’ve always stressed on head first approach. And as much as I say that this era is the best time to be alive, it is the most difficult one to survive as well.

There are tonnes of problems that destroy us on everyday basis or seem to do that. Now that everything is pretty much on the internet has created a set of anxiety for people, anxiety of choices, anxiety of being duped, anxiety of loss. In a nutshell there is more negative that people perceive about Internet as a whole than they look at it as positive.

I have started promoting positivity on a whole new pedestal and I believe in it with all my heart. And it breaks my heart to see people complain. And when I say that I don’t mean that people should not be sad or they should not have down days. They absolutely should. I have mine too. That’s what it means to be human. The mental health that I’m talking about lays stress on these down days. What do you do when you’re down? Do you binge watch Netflix? Do you binge eat? Do you go do drugs? What do you do? That’s where it all comes to be focused at. I mean if you sleep when you’re having bad days, that’s sorted, you know you’re looking at someone who sleeps when he is sad, you as a person can help them work things around that take them away from sleep. You take them to movies, take them to something fun and make them do things that are better than sleeping pain.

Most of mental health speakers talk about how pain can be evaded and then tell you to sign up for their 10$ bullshit. Zoom in here, there is no remedy to pain. Pain will find you even if you hide yourself under your bed for 2yrs. Pain will find you even if you delete your Instagram and facebook. Pain will find you. There is no running from it. I suggest everyone to come to terms with their truth. The truth of who they are and then go all chips in. I say it so often that it has become my narrative that one should do a facebook and instagram live to just say out their shit, the shit that people are using against them. I for example accept it in macro that I sucked shit, I accept that I’m not good at certain things like relationships. Once you go all out on that, no one can use that against you, and that’s when anxiety dies down.

Go talk to people who have issues. People need people. Hug someone just because they are sad. Kindness is the ultimate ROI

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