Don’t make entrepreneurship fancy.

Just because the word is fancy and shit, doesn’t mean you have to do it. There are tonnes of people who are into it now just because it is cool to be one now. Just like it was cool to be a doctor and an engineer back in 90s and early 2000s.

90% people enter business without any clue of next turn in the road and when that turn hits, they fall flat on their faces. These people have zero regrets about falling flat on faces as well, because they are in it for quick money without any accountability and responsibility. These are the people who are giving entrepreneurship a bad name.

Entrepreneurship is not fancy and anyone who is trying to convince you that it is, is selling you something that you should not buy. Entrepreneurship means starting it all from the scratch and it is different than family business handed over to you or being spoon fed with money and all you’ve to do is sit in an office and steer that money for another 30yrs. That’s not it.

No one tells you that it’s about eating dirt. It’s about being the first line of defence. Something goes wrong, you’re the guy. Something goes right, you’re the guy. There is a conflict, you’re the guy, sales is not flaming out, you’re the guy. You’re the guy in every damn thing. It’s a baby that would wake up at 02am and want your attention, when you decided to give undivided attention to your family, it’s gonna take you away. It’s not as fancy as it is sold. It’s not cars and girls and everything sold to you by mentors. If I as a person can document it, it is about small things on everyday basis. And I hate it when people make it look like they achieved it all in one night and boom they have some real things. That’s not it. It’s a long game and no one tells you that.

It’s time you create your own destiny and I just want you to know that if you know anyone who looks like you and has done it, it is possible that you can do it as well.

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