My retake on importance of sleep

I’d be BS’ing if I say sleep is not important or one should sleep less. It’s science, you have to sleep to stay functional. It’s as essential as food and water.

I’m retaking the narrative again to convey that you should sleep and I’m not promoting a culture of workaholics. Do you know what I mean when I say hustle and grind? I simply mean that you are not allowed to complain about lack of time if you’re playing video games for 5hrs and watching Netflix for another five, and then you complain about lack of sleep.

So it’s about what you do while you’re awake, I’m looking at those hours of yours. I’m more interested in knowing what you do after your 09-05pm. Is it the time for family? Is it time to go hang out? What is it? Because that will define how much you really need to sleep. Sleep is majorly taken out of context by people who aren’t doing anything with their lives.

Like I am super not interested in knowing why you stayed awake to gossip, or why that party lasted extra two hours or why you needed to complete that movie. I’m more concerned about what you’re doing with your time while you’re awake and doing things.

There are so many people who are promoting the idea of sleep and selling fucking applications to give you sleep and the only reason that there is a market for these apps is the human mental health. Mental health has deteriorated in past one decade and there are people who have promoted the culture of work which has taken toll on people. I in absolute entirety believe that sleep of around 6,7,8 hours (without complaining) is absolutely essential.


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