The Keys to over achieve

Key 01:

Execution trumps debating.

So many of you are not taking action because you are over thinking. People are crippled by their options and are not doing anything about their options and ideas. They are just talking about them, pondering about them. Taking action is always a better option.

Key 02

Right decision is the fastest

Speed trumps everything. Create more opportunities by being quick to work on your ideas. Your ideas don’t have a long shelf life. You cannot just have an idea and put it in your notes for three months, no, it doesn’t work that way in this ecosystem. If you go a day over expiry date of idea, there will be someone sitting with the beta version of the product in the marketplace and trust me Marketplace doesn’t give a fuck about who you are or how you were the first one to think about it in your dream.

Key 03

Find your main dish and then go all chips in.

You need to create one main business to go flirt into all other ideas you have. You have to have one main burger to go find your other ideas. You need wealth creation and hence you need the main dish or the main business

Key 04

My Loses are my loses

My loses are my loses. I know I’m gonna fail in tonnes of things I do. I’m gonna fail in most 90% things I do, but those are my loses and I don’t give a fuck about what you think.

Key 05

Do all you can do with your time

I know lot of people don’t have the dollars. I had no dollars as well. But you have time and you cant just go watch Netflix and complain. You’ve to try and test. You’ve to put in the work. You’ve to execute.

There are ten thousand things you can do for free. I was in conversation with this one guy who is into drones and just an hour long conversation gave him ten things that he can do without spending a dollar. People are just pretending that they have time. Stop doing that to yourself.

Have a good life

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