You’re doing dumb shit.

90% people buy things they don’t need to impress people they don’t give a fuck about and that’s the sad reality of the system. Have you ever thought how this system works, you start at 09am until 06pm to earn on hourly basis which is way way way underpriced for what you have studied or your skill set. Okay, here is the simple maths for you. Just do yourself a favour and ask your parents how much have they spent on your college degree. So you’ve a figure, do the maths yourself, calculate the cost of your one hour in college and compare that to your job right now.

Amazed yet?! And now add the stupid dumb shit you do on everyday basis. I just want you to stop doing dumb shit if you want to complain so much. I mean if you want to complain and complain and you want a life that only 1% people have on the planet, work. Work your ass off. And then do dumb shit as well. No one questions the dumb shit done by top 2%.

It hurts my soul to see people complaining on social media every day about how things are not good for them. They complain about who the prime minister is, who the president is, and how the economy is so bad at this stage and then they wake up at 11am. People complain about money being distributed unevenly and then go on collecting their paycheque at the end of month from the founder who take 100x more than that paycheque. It’s crazy if you think about it.

If you’re someone starting in the business all I want you to do is to stop doing dumb shit. You don’t need that rented apartment, go move in with your family, save that rent and use it in business. You don’t need that car, sell it off and invest in your business. Eat dirt, learn to do that because clouds don’t come to you if you don’t eat dirt. You don’t need Starbucks coffee if you’re 15yr old because those $6 were worked off by your dad. Go buy some coffee powder and make coffee. Stop being fancy if you are not fancy.

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