Self care Vs Hustle

So many of you are talking about hustle and then I go to your Instagram and see hashtag #netflix binge on some fucking tv serial. That pisses me off. It makes me sad how people use hustle as a fancy world and then they are not doing enough and some are not even doing anything at all.

Hustle to each and everyone is different and to the people who are actually hustling their 9-5 and then doing the side hustle to earn that extra 5,10,15,20 dollars, they are the real things to me. I like few other people base my true narrative as hustle and I’ve not talked much about self care.

I say it over and over again that you’ve got to love yourself first and love yourself the most and that means taking care of your self. Taking care of what you’re letting in your body, what you’re eating on daily basis and everything. It has been real difficult for me to work out on daily basis and I want to tell you all that waking up early is a blessing, you can just run a mile and feel good all day. Sure gym and work out is important for your body, it helps you live longer and aspire for more dreams. What a fantastic thing that is. I’m fascinated by the idea of life. A single second you can add to your life is a blessing. And self care goes a long way in doing that for you.

If you are not feeling 100%, which I’m sure no one does on all 365 days of the year, you can take a break and recover so that you come back firing all guns in. I’ve observed major thing that’s called “what happens when I’m not at work”, this anxiety does creep in to lot of people who are making things work but these people are making a major mistake, which is “not trusting enough people to keep things kicking”. I repeat again that scaling up with right people is as important as workout for your health. You need people for bad days.

Have a good life

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