Truth wins in the marketplace

Fake it till you make it might have worked when your grandfather was out there in the market place to sell things or when the businesses worked that way in early 60s, 70s, 80s. This no longer works and it has been wrongly used by people to make look good. Faking it is only going to land you into a sea full of all other losers, because a winner knows it all when you fake it to make it. The marketplace is not your nanny’s home, it is cruel and it is predicated on only one thing, that is authenticity and truth. If your business is real and you are doing enough, don’t worry about the likes, the sales, the traction. You will have all of it eventually.

I see so many people crazy for quick fame that they rent out a tuxedo they cannot afford, hire Instagram models to pose in bikinis around them and then go on to tell you “I am living my life, if you want to live like this, subscribe to my bullshit at 100$” and that’s when you lose. When you put in the fake tuxedo, that fake watch to look good in front of people who give zero fucks about you. All you’re looking at is your $100 subscribers. Money almost always lands people in situations where they start doing things they should not and that’s where the trouble starts. Lot of people blame social media for this, I don’t. It’s not facebook’s fault that you are not self aware. Instagram is not guilty that you hire models for picture, it’s not guilty that you put make up on before taking picture, your bullshit mentality is responsible and you know what? If there was no social media, you’d still do it, you’d put that rented tuxedo and go to the bar or coffee shop. You’d still wear that fake Rolex to the shopping mall. Stop blaming social. It’s your fault. You’re not self aware.

My first and last prayer for each one of you is to get self aware, once you do that, you won’t story tell yourself, you will not be delusional. You will accept your Ds and Fs. You will come to terms with your failures. If you are not self aware, I beg you to ask someone who is close to you to help you get some self awareness, because until you do that, things won’t change.

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