Why you’ve got it all wrong about the content!

This is very honest opinion about content and I’m sure so many of you out there wouldn’t agree to it. I’m fascinated by the internet. I mean it blows my mind on how an egg account gets millions of likes and then goes on to sell merchandise by cashing in on all those followers. Do you see the window of opportunity that this new era has opened up for each one of us and yet we are dwelling and pondering and not executing.

It breaks my heart to see so many people with brilliant ideas and smart moves but then they are not using the power of internet. People are living in a delusional world and they believe that they are coming back. No, you’re not coming back. Let that sink in. I’m not messing with your religious beliefs but zoom in, you are not coming back. So try to not waste the next 10,15,20,30,40 minutes of your life and do something with those. Have you seen regret in the eyes of 90 year olds? That is poison. I as a person living in this era of underpriced market, don’t want to have regrets of not being able to build my personal brand as well as my businesses. I’m sure you too believe in the same game.

The whole point of internet is to kill the middle. And yet so many genius small business owners who claim to know the insights of business have third party people to take care of their content, they have a person to take care of their social. That’s such a horse shit. Do you know what that means? That is like ordering a burger and telling the waiter to eat it for you. The waiter can give you the knife and everything you need to do that, but it would be criminal to let him eat the burger. So many people are letting someone else eat their burger because they are busy attending that meeting which is anyway a horse shit. Stop putting the middle men in your business. Please don’t confuse out sourcing and middle men. I’ve rant against people who are using the middle men to convey their word about their business. You can’t let your friend describe your parents, you know your parents so do the job. No one knows the business like you do so put in the work and go create.

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