What’s cold calling and what’s motivation behind it

If you don’t ask for it, you will never get it. My true narrative about cold calling is that it is the only way. Asking is the only way. What people get wrong about cold calling is that they feel it comes with rejection and lot of “I don’t want to hear that”. There is a huge mistake that almost every salesman makes when he is talking about cold calling.

If you ask call me on a Monday morning and tell me to invest money in your idea by just telling me how great this idea of yours is. It is 100 trillion percent true that I will hang up on you. The basic truth people and majorly salesmen forget about cold calling is that until you offer value, no one is going to listen to your pitch, no matter how many hours you have spent perfecting it. Your sales pitch is nothing but a cover and until you bring and offer value, nothing matters. People will hang up on you even if it is Monday, Tuesday or whatever day. I’ve been asked why Sunday. Isn’t Sunday the time when people don’t want calls?

My point, I’m giving, not taking. I don’t ask for anything. I offer value and what better day than Sunday to receive something. That’s where I win. Another motivation that you can have for cold calling is to learn and use “No” to fuel up your passion. Out of 20 calls that I make on Sunday, I get around 11 as No and rest do hear me up. Don’t let these 11 go. You can amaze them. You just don’t know how. Learn that. Find what excites them, if your product or business doesn’t. There must be something that they want to do with that money, with that property, with that space out in the marketplace.

Figure it out and go do your thing. I wish you nothing but absolute success. Hit me up when you start your journey.

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