Kill the middle

The worst plan for your business is no plan at all. And you know who has no plan at all? People without vision. They don’t plan it. You have to understand that your business is like a baby and if it’s not planned, it is most likely that it will have bad time growing up. You don’t want that to happen to your business, right?

Kill the middle

The first one and the most important one in this context is killing the middle. You don’t need middle anymore. I mean for heavens sake, you are living in an era that is the era of underpriced attention, the era of complete freedom to do anything and yet so many of you go to the middle. You look for the middle men to help you leverage your business. Please note that you’re only looking for middle because you’re not willing to put in the work. Admit it. You will have clarity to do things in a better way. It will hurt you for a while, truth hurts when you fall flat on face but then it helps you see the path more clearly. Kill the middle, put in the work. You don’t need that guy to make calls for you. He doesn’t know about your business. Do you know that if you killed the middle, 70% of people would go out of business right away. Like that very moment. Because these 70% are just using the void that you have left in achieving your dreams. Go find your thing and look up at the world of underpriced world of internet to help you achieve dreams.

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