Truth about ‘not being motivated’

Please know that if you are feeling sad and negative about something. If there is something you think you are not capable of doing, please know that it’s one hundred percent someone else who has put those voices in your head.

You were not born hating yourself. You didn’t grow up being a failure. It was your sad mom or your sad friends who put that in your head. You know the thing that I am aspiring to do and the thing that I say to everyone who ever asks me for an advice, I’m here to prove your mom wrong. It’s not easy for anyone to accept that their mom or girl friend or boyfriend sucks. And yet that’s the truth, 90% of people dreaming about being something don’t do their thing because of the fears generated and put into their head by their parents. I blame our societies for this. The reason we have less number of people doing their shit in Mumbai and Beijing as compared to NYC is their parents. I know it’s a hard pill to swallow but it’s the truth.

The voices in your head that tell you that your ideas are not good enough mean nothing. They are not even your voices. They are the NOISE. A physics term for anything irrelevant. Do you know I’ve grown up caring about the opinion of others. I cared so much about the opinion of others that I’ve spent a major chunk of my life being who I wasn’t supposed to be. I kept an identity that I wasn’t happy with. I worked jobs that sucked, and it was devastating. You have no idea how devastating these things are. And since I have the context, I know that these things can kill you, they can takeaway everything dear to you. I was lucky to have someone tell me the truth and get closer to self awareness. If I could only wish something for each one of you, it is self awareness. Money, fame, riches and everything will come to you if you are self aware. If you are self aware, you will not get into transactions your gut doesn’t approve, you will not enter relationships and spoil them later, you will not spend to please others, you will lead a happy life.

If you are not self aware, please stop looking for it in meditation or quotes or mountains. It is all there, inside you. Deep within. Go do your thing.

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