True meaning of Hustle

You could work 18hrs a day and still suck shit. It’s not the number of hours you work that matters, it is always the quality of work that you put in those hours. I know so many people who are far more successful in their side hustle than those people who are doing full time hustle.

So many of you claim to work and hustle but then I go to your Instagram profile and it says “enjoying Netflix Sunday”. You could do that, you are just not allowed to complain. I would be so much happy if you could just go to your 09-05pm and never ever complain in your life. I’d be happy if you never wanted that wedding, never wanted to buy that one property in the heart of the city, never wanted to own anything that makes your heart happy. It is absolutely okay if you never complain. Hustle could be you working 09-05pm and making best use of your time, finding time for your loved ones and getting things done for yourself. Definition of hustle varies from person to person. Hustle to me is having it all in, whether it is parenting of your children, starting your businesses, all that philanthropy you wanted to do. Hustle is action over words. Hustle is saying that I’m gonna do that and then making it happen no matter what.

Hustle sometimes is not enough, there are lot of people doing things and yet not able to achieve the results they want. Hustle is not just a word, it is actions over words. Hustle is waking up at 05am and working in the dirt upto 11:30pm. Hustle is loving clouds and dirt both. Hustle is being alone for enormous amount of time. Hustle is facing rejections from people and hearing No as an answer every day until you hear a yes. Hustle is not just a word. There are lot of people who think hustle is just putting in the work, they think grind is the solution. Hustle is way way way more than that. Hustle is accepting your own truth and coming to self realisation that everything can be worked out. Hustle to me is just self awareness and I’ve been stressing up on self awareness. If you are not self aware, you will blame hustle for ruining your relationships, you will blame hustle for losing in the long run. Hustle is facing facts and coming to terms with it. Hustle is pure and simple self awareness.

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