Why I give zero fucks about who reads my book

Judgement without context, assumptions without context are pure poison. They are as good as being shot in the head. If you judge someone you know nothing about, you have successfully entered the 98% of population that talks without any context. Zero context. I cannot judge your relationship because I don’t know what you talk or do in your bedroom, I cannot judge your business growth just because I see you in an audi. I cannot judge your mental peace or space just because I see you pushing people towards positivity. In the long space and after my interactions today with so many people, I’ve come to know that most and when I say most I mean 99% people do not start because they are scared of being judged. So I meet this one girl with a manuscript that she has not sent to any publisher from 4yrs because she fears rejection. “Yes it will be rejected.” That was my response to her. But if that’s stopping you from going ahead with your work, you lost. You’ve already lost. Please and please, stop judging people. Everyone is trying their hand at greatness and you never know the bat might just hit the ball. Meeting so many people who are “budding” authors, “budding” entrepreneurs makes me feel sad and devastated. The word budding never buds. And when people ask me how do I know? I know because I have context. I know it all because I was once there. I told world that I’m gonna write a book for 5yrs and didn’t come up with it. I sucked shit. I was capable of writing but judgement in the space makes one feel bad and down.

And now, I don’t give a fuck, I have done five books in 2018 and I’m coming with five in 2019. I’ve total sales of 42 for all the books combined, which is way way too bad. But I don’t give a fuck. I don’t write to please you, I don’t write for money, I’m not even writing for fame. I write because I can and that makes me better. I might write five books in 2020, six in 2021, and then may be in 2022 i write the Newyork times best seller. I know it. I trust the process and if I stop and don’t write again, I will never reach there again. Never reach a position to even think of best selling guy. I believe in clouds and dirt. I believe if I can be on clouds on Monday, I need to eat dirt for six days. And there is no way, no fucken way that anyone can pull me down. You’re not going to buy my book, cool, I’m gonna give it for free. I distributed my book for free in book fair and now I have around 200 people who are waiting for another free book. That’s what I love. That’s my drug. That’s my key. Give give give. Kindness is the answer. It’s not the money, it’s not anything else, it’s pure kindness.

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