‘Likes’ don’t matter

Number of likes you get on your content today do not predicate your success. Likes mean nothing. I see so many people crazy for number of likes on their Instagram pictures. If you are worried about the ‘likes’, ‘views’, you are clearly not in for the long game. You are here to impress someone who said you couldn’t do it. Likes to me is one hundred trillion percent bullshit. I might have doubts on other things in life but on this one I’m one hundred trillion percent sure that likes mean nothing.

Please stop worrying for who looks at your content and who doesn’t. This is world of underpriced attention. Use it, learn it. Stop watching that Netflix series and learn how to use Instagram ads for your business. What do you need likes for? You need business not likes. I’m not worried about likes because I know everyone started with one like. And I know my content is good enough and it is followed with action. I’m happy to influence just ten people with my content. Content needs to come out at all times. At all times. It is work. It might appear that content is not work at all, but if you ask me, I work on my content and of late we have amazing people working on content for ‘home to heaven’, my very own content takes away 3hrs of day for me. Like 3 dedicated hours.

You need good likes, go do biz Dev. Talk to businesses like you or the businesses you want to be. Follow in the footsteps of people who have done it. Try and test it. Try and test it. It’s an algorithm anyway. I’m going to leave you with this,

If you think you can win at Instagram and Facebook game by buying content and followers, let me break it down for you,

Imagine this:

You’re allowed to work in someone’s farm for a registration and you can go do anything, sell anything, buy anything. But, would you ever ever ever be able to get bigger than the farm itself? The answer is No! The farm knows what you’re sowing. It’s not very far away when Instagram and facebook will go all chips in to remove the accounts that use inorganic means. What will you do at that time?

My suggestion is to create content on all platforms, whether it’s YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, facebook, Pinterest and what not. I see so many people with a million followers on Instagram and then I go down on their twitter and it has 120 followers.

Rethink your social. Please. And execute. It’s all there for free.

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