31 days and you’re still living in 2018? Here is why!

Here is why you’re still living in 2018. Here is why your resolutions, the resolutions you posted on social media on 31st are laughing back at you. The one and only reason is Self Awareness. And like 2018, you’re still to find it. It’s not even one day game so I don’t blame you.

I am no motivational talker and I won’t take you through that bullshit. I don’t believe in any of that crap sold for $10. I’m no mediation guru and the only solution I know for any kind of change is ‘work’.

If you are looking to get started on your mission 2019 and you’ve wasted 31 days, please do not fret over it. You’ve just wasted 31 days, it’s like 1/12 of what is still there. Don’t lose hope. Don’t give up. Please please start with waking up early. Wake up at 06:30am and then wake up at 06:25am and take it to 05am. It’s super achievable. It really is. Go stand under shower when it’s 2degrees outside, trust me you won’t die. I used to believe for a very long time that I could die with that, you won’t. Your brain has a tiny five second window that pushes you back to sleep. It’s upto you to decide in that time frame. Make your bed, it’s a small act but it gets you started on things. And most of all, write down your ‘things to do’ for the day. And then go all chips in on those.

Self awareness doesn’t come at any specific hour of the day. It doesn’t come at midnight or early morning but waking up early gives you more time with yourself. Be fucken friends with yourself, then only your inner self with start trusting your host body to take actions needed to accomplish things.

Go do.

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