We always need something/someone to blame..

That’s human nature and that’s what we are deep down, and truth is that it is very basic thing that holds us back from achieving the so called unreachable. People are always looking to blame someone or something for their failures. When they are tired of their excuses and they are put on pedestal or held accountable, they blame something or someone. The tax system in this country is not good, the government is not doing anything for startups and businesses, the marketplace doesn’t let you survive, there are already players in the market doing that, these are the things and people we put blames on. There is a reason why people do that, you know when you start that business and it fails, you have someone to go back to and blame them that it was their idea, they pushed you. Humans need that. And as soon as you start learning to take the blame, like accepting in all macro that it is all your blame, shit won’t happen.

Self awareness!

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