Loving the process..

I’m fascinated with the idea that everyone wants to be an entrepreneur and own the company shit and have their name printed on a card. I don’t call myself one, for its too cliche. It’s like one of those things that happened with being doctors and engineers in 90s. I believe that all of us are lying to ourselves and we are not being true to our own self. I see so many people jumping into businesses, putting the hard earned money of their parents into the ventures and then flaming out, because it wasn’t the passion and it wasn’t the love. It was just like something that kids in 90s did with engineering and medical science.

Tonnes of people out there call themselves entrepreneurs when they haven’t sold a single thing. Not even one. Not even close to selling anything. People are confused. They have ideas, they are not executing them. And they are going for defined models of entrepreneurship laid down by people who have put money in them. You’re doing another job Dick face. Zoom in, you are not an entrepreneur if you’re working on something just because someone put money in it and you are spending rest of your life paying him back. You’re in a job, and it’s worse than your TCS job.

People aren’t loving the process, they want money. They are hungry and they confuse their hunger for money with passion for work. People don’t want to admit that they want to go live in Bahamas, and dream of cars and girls/boys. There is nothing wrong in figuring out your “why”, but the only problem with this model of hustle is that it flames out. It flames out within weeks. I see so many people aspiring to be YouTubers and then they give up in 2weeks because they don’t get traction. Their videos aren’t watched. Give this a thought, how many likes do you think Jeff Bezos would have got when he sold books door to door? Tonnes? The answer is NONE! Stop being fancy when you are not one. There would be time when you wouldn’t need to be fancy, but it’s not the time and only reason why I even need to write this out today is that people don’t love the process.

So I sat through this meeting today and found out that guys in that one sector had started this thing and gave up within 2months because their end target was generating 24lacs revenue in a quarter! Fuck you! Who does that?! It’s not about your quarterly revenue. Please note that if you start measuring your performance in terms of number of meetings, number of lessons and not the revenue, you will be at a better place at the end of quarter. But people aren’t doing that. I get asked n number of times about ROI and the answer remains same. ROI is happiness. Nothing and I mean nothing comes close to it. Like if something is killing my vibe and flaming me out or causing me a burnout, I don’t like to take that along as a part of the process.

You know how many things I’ve tried to do and failed? Like miserably? I tried working on a flowers venture and then it didn’t excite me enough. I didn’t go on with it. Even though there were people ready to put in the effort, it just didn’t excite me. The whole point is that it’s equally important to love the process and process is the game.

You know what I aspire for? I aspire to write books enough to fill my whole room, I don’t aspire the sales, but yes i am one hundred trillion percent confident that I will be Newyork times best seller before I die. I’m not giving up because I love the process of writing in Uber, writing between the meetings, writing while in stop by in metro or take a walk along the park.

I aspire to make things happen in furniture space and I’m one hundred trillion percent confident that I will scale it up. I’m super comfortable and confident about six or seven other things I’m doing, and I work passionately on each of them, hustling and smiling because I love the process. And it’s not about money. I can earn money by selling you sneakers and flipping homes, I don’t need to burn my love and passion for money.

Please know that loving the process is the key!

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