My L’s are my L’s

My losses are my losses and I’m the one who has to work on them, it’s not you, so your two cent criticism is of no value to me. Do you know how tough and thick my skin is? Like I don’t give a fuck about what anyone thinks about me. I love the process of putting in the work. You may call me out for working too hard or I’ve been called out for being a workaholic and that I know no balance or that I am in multiple ships. Zoom in, none of it matters to me, and yet at the same time, I do care what you have to say about me. And this is what you have to do if you’re starting out. If you are starting out and trying to figure out your shit, you will get tonnes of criticism. There will be people who will blast you off, some might even try to knock you off with their words, it doesn’t matter. You’ve to deploy one hundred percent attention to your work and rest everything is trivial. It doesn’t matter what your aunt thinks of you or what your uncle jack thinks about you. It’s all about what you do and how you react to things. You are a player on the field and if you start paying attention to everything outside of your game, you loose. Stop paying attention to people who boo! It’s not worth it.

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