Why your sales is not flaming up!

So you’re all excited to start your side hustle or your main venture. You had this amazing idea and created products as well or you went with zero inventory model. You decided to drop ship but what next?

You are two days into it and you’re already crying that you’re not getting sales. You refresh your stats every morning to find out zero orders. Well, you’re not alone and there are tonnes of factors governing sales on online platforms. If you’re someone who has ever been in door to door or had real client interactions, then you must know that there are lot of things that you’re not doing in an online platform.

This said, there is no reason for you to give up on yourself if you think it’s your dream. Please be patient, Patience is the key. You’ve to be really really patient. Sales flame up only when there is real effort in them. No you don’t have to go do crazy advertisements but yes you’ve to have a genuine ad spend. Please please please use the underpriced attention provided by facebook and Instagram ads. They are underpriced and you should take advantage of these platforms. Your product is not available on social, if no one on social knows about it, it’s not there. Again a major mistake that people make is that they look at social from a key hole. “Oh I have only 20 followers, what do I sell with that profile”

I mean come on! You’re in a marketplace Alice! You’ve closed your doors with that private profile, like you are some narcos president or underworld drug lord. Stop! If you don’t learn social, please go YouTube and learn about it. Social is huge game, there are people selling stuff even with 05 followers. If you’re on social and you know the right time and right use of it, every one on social is your viewer. If I can make a sneaker sale with not so many followers, you can too. If I can direct traffic to my portals, you can too. People are not willing to learn. They can waste fuck load of time doing dumb shit but they won’t spend an hour learning the craft.

Another major thing that people don’t do is give away. They don’t give anything for free. I mean I go to their profile and they are always selling something. If you’re not providing value, people are bound to listen less to you. Give give give and then ask for it.

Self awareness and patience are also major when it comes to selling things. You’ve to be self aware about yourself. Do you know enough about the products you’re selling? Do these resonate with who you are? Are you being too fancy? Do they have a purpose in long term? Ask these questions do yourself before you put out things! And don’t be fancy! Please! Fancy things don’t need advertising! Don’t be fancy until you’re fancy. I don’t spend more than USD 2$ on a listing on Instagram, and not more than 3$ on facebook listing, amazon listing takes only 60cents for my listing, and honestly, these are good numbers to make a sale. You just have to pitch the product rightly, to each and every audience.

So please stop wasting next 05,10, 15 minutes of your life and go do something. You live in an era where it’s possible for you to make extra 500,1000, 2000, or even more in addition to your main business. Please do that!

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