Ten things you shouldn’t do in your twenties

Regret is the biggest thing ever, I always stress on the fact that people should go to an old age home and sit with 90year olds, 70 year olds. The only thing you will see in their eyes is regret. Regret of not doing things in their twenties, in their thirties. So many of them living their lives telling you they should have married someone else, they should have worked on their project, they should have started that business, but guess what it’s all should haves. And they take these should haves to the grave.

So while you’re in your 20s, in your 30s, please go all chips in and do that thing that you love. Want to get married to someone you like, ask them. The worst would be taking a no, it could be a yes as well, you just don’t know it yet and you’re living in your imagination.

I’ve lived in era without internet applications of facebook, instagram and the current underpriced attention. I’ve lived in era when people called each other on phone and sms used to cost a fortune. I have lived in era where e-mail was the only way people communicated digitally. Era where people used billboards and tv ads as main advertising things. The era where people used middle as the main agent to do anything they wanted. The era of rockafellas and trumps. The era of money being in the hands of few. The era where people had just started getting out of cocoon. The age when side hustle meant nothing. The era when respect was only in being doctors and engineers.

But now that you’re in the era of underpriced attention and internet, the era of endless possibilities, I want you to dedicate the next few years of your life to your craft, to that business you are trying to build, to that YouTube channel you’re making.

Please please please don’t do these twenty things in your twenties. Please.

1) Don’t Waste your money on dumb shit

Please don’t buy things you don’t need. Don’t buy that property just because you have money right now, don’t buy that car to look cool, stop buying watches, stop buying those sneakers to impress people you give no fucks about.

2) Don’t ignore the importance of social.

Yes you are not aware of power of social and you think you are better off without it, but you are not. You need facebook, instagram, Snapchat, twitter and more. You are finished without it.

3) Don’t go without a side hustle.

No one is telling you to quit your 09-05pm, yes I’m never telling you to stop going to job and follow that herd of being a startup owner. But is it possible to create an extra 500$ a week? Yes. Please do that.

4) Don’t hide your truth.

Do not run away from your weaknesses. Don’t run away from things that hurt you, things that make you feel uncomfortable. Please don’t. Go live on social media and accept all your truths, so that no one can ever ever use these against you.

5) Don’t chase money.

Neve ever chase money. Money is not the answer. So many people get into the habit of making quick money that they forget the long term vision. Please please understand that the way you make money is as important as making it.

6) Don’t be impatient

Patience is the key. So many people give up on their dreams within one month of starting it. It’s because it’s either about traction or likes or money for them. They don’t want to stick in there because there is no real love there. People are looking for returns too soon. Don’t do that.

7) Don’t take life and time for granted.

You are not coming back as a human. Please do not waste this one life that you have got, and instead do something. Whatever your religious beliefs are, please know that you are not coming back.

8) Don’t do something that you don’t love.

Would you live your entire life with someone you don’t love? No you won’t. So please don’t do something that you don’t love. We spend more than half of our life working so it’s better to do something that you love.

9) Don’t be ignorant.

Please be self aware. And if you are not able to deploy self awareness, tell someone who knows you and then go all chips in for it. Self awareness is the key. So many people think they are going to be next Zucks or Bill Gates and then they have Starbucks with their parents money. Please please deploy self awareness

10) Kindness and lifting up. Don’t be an asshole.

You can build the tallest building in the city without bringing down the other buildings. Please deploy kindness and don’t be an asshole. Don’t be selfish. Share your ways of doing things and help people rise. Please know that no one’s success is coming at your expense and there is enough money in the market.

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