Why selling is the real entrepreneurship!

I look at people and I can tell straight to their face that 99% of them are lying. They are not true to their own self. People want to be fancy and stuff but they are not willing to put in the work. They just don’t want to. People are working for tag, cars, watches, girls/boys and money, and those who are not driven enough are just working to kill their days at their work and take home the pay cheque so that they can pay off their bills.

Do you know what it’s doing to you? This is the ultimate murder of happiness. If you are working for the tag of being called as an entrepreneur, a fancy founder of some shit then your shit is broken already. You could just be as fancy in your 09-05job as well. And honestly all the fancy people I’ve met are in 09-05. The other 2% doesn’t even care if they are moving in metro or a Ferrari, whether they are wearing prada or pyjamas. Who fucking cares? The ultimate realisation that you don’t need to do shit to impress people you give no fucks about is the ultimate truth of life. I want to make eating dirt and shit so cool that people look forward to it when they wake up.

And then we come to the ultimate thing of selling. So many people claim to be entrepreneurs in their Instagram bio and then you go look into their profile and see that they haven’t sold a single fucking thing in their entire lives. Yes they have consumed products from everything that has ever jumped in market. They have bought burgers they didn’t want to eat, they go to Starbucks because the tag is cool, they move in Mercedes and they wear $200 sneakers as well. But fuck, they haven’t sold a single dollar thing.

Okay, let this sink in, if you are capable enough of convincing someone to give you a single cent for something you are offering, you’ve won! You’ve already won! Now all you need to do is to build the process to make that one cent into volumes. Get 1000 people to give you one cent.

People are fancy, they don’t want to sell. They want all things cool but they are shy and feel judged when it comes to selling like they are fucking Trumps and Rockafellas. What are you so shy and embarrassed of? I was talking to this one guy who had this brilliant product idea and inventory as well, and he wanted to go fancy to sell it. He told me that only reason he is not selling things is because he wants to save some money to create an app and a website. And also he is scared that people might copy his product so he wants to copyright it. Fuck you! Yes Zoom in! Fuck you! Like really? You’re delusional and you are worried about sally your friend on facebook who would judge you if you sold stationary on your facebook marketplace. You are worried that your Instagram friends would talk about you if you sold things. You are living a delusional life dear friend. You are not even living for yourself. If it is your dream, and if this is something you really want to do, please stop being fancy and start putting in the work. The excuses of money and all are bullshit in this ecosystem. If you have a mobile phone in your hand and you have an Internet connection, you are a fucking ticking bomb who can sell shit. You are an entrepreneur to me. But alas you are fancy. Do you know how many fancy people have just died with their ideas that never got executed.

I love and I live by selling. On my birthday two years ago I looked back dropping someone off from airport and asked myself that I’m not doing enough. That I’m not matching what my dreams are, my actions are not coherent with my words and that’s my problem. From last 3yrs I’ve sold so many fucking things. I’ve sold businesses to people. I’ve sold real estate, food, and now Four months ago I started Home to heaven to sell furniture online. Everyone who knew me and talked about me knew that it was a failure, it could still fail but it hasn’t. I put in relentless work, and effort. I didn’t make my first sale on website. I made my first sale on Facebook and then google form and then I created a Shopify and an app. Selling is in my DNA. I’ve replicated the selling to sneakers, subscription products, books, Real Estate, Hostels and now even wine. It’s my love for selling and there are few things that motivate me and drive me to sell.

I’m convinced about what I’m selling. If you are not convinced about what you’re selling, you’d not be able to sell it.

I never over sell. I’m not telling you to go buy my book if you don’t read, I’m not telling you to go buy my sneakers if you don’t want them, I’m not telling you to go stay in my Hostels if you stay in hotels, I’m not telling you to buy my one life products if you find other brands in market better, I’m not going to tell you to buy my wines when they come out if you don’t drink wines.

And I have zero zero zero expectations. Giving with expectations is a sin. I give out tonnes of stuff for free. My last five books have gone out to 122 people for free. For absolutely free. I’ve given off so many tickets to agent 2019 for free. I’m willing to give without expectations. If you are a good salesman, and you are a good entrepreneur, you should do that too.

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