Do you want to be happy?

This is something I really want to talk about. Happiness is not making a million dollars a year or owning a start up. It could mean to some, but to the vast majority, happiness is about figuring out who they really are, and once you do that you win. And just because the narrative now is that you’ve to be number one and have your own company, is messing with lot of heads. People are going crazy, this is the same thing that happened to Asian children growing up, there was this immense parental pressure to be a doctor or an engineer. Please know that you could be #106 at google or #12 at some company and be happy seeing your children and wife seven times a week rather than being #1 in your own company and not finding time for your wife or husband.. that matters too..

So it’s all about perspective. To you happiness could be being a sloth on Sunday and watching Netflix all day Lomb and if you don’t complain about life and the govt and taxes, you’ve won! But if you are complaining on how you cannot live your dreams in that place.. oh boy. Your shit is broken

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