Three mistakes that I made as a beginner real estate agent

As a new real-estate agent, I made EVERY mistake in the book. I entered real-estate with no mentors (except a few helpful co-workers), no family members that were agents, and nobody to take advice from other then Youtube, blogs, and the internet. Here are some of the things that I learned:


1. Find ONE person to mentor you in real-life

Emphasis on the ONE here. When I first started, I took advice from many different people when I should have been taking advice from one or two agents. Taking advice from many people is bad, because agents become successful in a variety of different ways. Taking advice from twenty different people will send you on a wild goose chasing looking for leads and will lead you with nothing. A good (real-life) mentor will keep you focused on a specific way of lead generation. Pick one agent that seems successful and show them you have what it takes. If they feel you are talented, they will shadow you.


2. Track Everything And Set Goals

Remember the job you had where there were constant deadlines? You have to be”that boss” to yourself in real-estate! People have a bad habit of over estimating the amount of work that they do. For months I thought I was calling 100 people a day. One day I checked my call log, I was SHOCKED. At most, I was calling 20 people. You have to set goals and track your results. Are you going to call 100 people? Do it and make sure that you are tracking it.


3. Be careful who you associate yourself with

When you first start real-estate, your BIC may urge you to meet as many people as possible. “Meeting” is very sound advice, but associating is more tricky. You will be bombarded by people trying to sell you classes, ponzi schemes, “kits”, and leads. You will have people that will try to steal your leads. You will have people that act very nice to your face, but say bad things about you. Overall: stay away from people that don’t have your best interests at heart.

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