You need to get rid of following people if you want to win.

I am a huge believer of ‘people first’ and networking, and off late I have encountered so many people who for some odd reason have started taking jibes at me. Look, everyone sucks at something. I suck at plenty of stuff and my loses are my loses, I am not allowing anyone to use my weaknesses and losses to judge me.

The narrative of not giving a fuck means that I don’t let anyone’s opinion of me cripple my hustle. There are so many opinionated people in my friend list on facebook who have an opinion on how I am doing it wrong. They hold an opinion on how I should concentrate on xyz more, and yet when I go look into their facebook profiles they are doing some dumb shit like playing facebook app games by buying credits. I don’t judge them, because that’s their happiness, I mean giving $5 to someone for playing a game might give them some happiness, it doesn’t give me happiness. So many people are judging me on how I point out at them for doing dumb shit, what they don’t realise is that I have the context of those things that they are doing. People are fancy and entitled.

Just because the economy is fancy right now and there are jobs for people doesn’t mean it’s all fancy for everyone. If you are buying a car with a logo to impress that someone who gives zero fucks about you, your shit is broken. And oh Lord I want economy to crash down, because then these fancy people would hide cash under their pillows. People literally fronting cash ,gold and girls on a boat to show you a dream that doesn’t exist.

I have always said it and I continue to say it. Identify someone you want to be, and then go work for them for 2,3,4,5 six months for free. Sit with these people, wake up when they do, do the shit for free for them and learn the dynamics of business. Please please please understand that in today’s era you really don’t need to carry people who are not contributing to your mental health and goals. And this is where we are heading now, people literally living with people who drive them crazy every day. Whose permission are you waiting for?

If I could punch everyone’s mom in the face, I would. I agree to one hundred percent that our Asian moms are number one letting down force. Everyone who wants to go risk on an idea is let down by his/her mom. And if you are lucky, you might have a mom who is supporting and super good. However there are people you need to throw out of your life.

1) People who are not in sync with your mental health.

2) People who pick up on your Losses more than your wins.

3) People who are super ungrateful for their life.

4) People who are always complaining about things in their life

5) People who don’t love themselves.

6) People who have no long term and short term goals.

7) People who are not self aware.

8) People who are doing dumb shit while you are working.

9) People who are emotionally not in a stable position, like I say “not having head and heart in line”.

10) People indulged in escapism. Now escapism is defined differently for everyone. Some of you might have an escape zone where you get into weekend party mode or you might be stoned all through your nights or you indulge in all sexual acts or you fancy attention from random people.

It might not be easy for you to get rid of these people if they are your family or your spouse and I don’t suggest that you break up or you leave your family but if these people happen to be your circle, or inner circle, it’s time to clean the shit up.

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